Dogtraining in Berlin: Do not hesitate to call me, if you need a Dogtrainer. You can either attend my dogschool in Pankow or if it does make sense ask me to come to your place in Prenzlauer Berg, Weissensee or Pankow.

 You have a puppy or young dog and prefer to realize the basic education and communication not in a group? The I am probably the right guy for you. Included in my work is the meeting with older dogs who teach yout new kid on the block how dog behavior goes nicely.


Your dog is aggressive, anxious or very impulsive.

I can offer you help if your dogs behavior seems to be aggressive, too impulsive or anxious.


The recall of your dog could be better?

To establish a reliable recall is not difficult. It is a matter of motivation, education and clear convincing communication. If you want to know more about this entertaining part of training, just call me.


Your dog is freaking out left alone?

This can be quite a problem and solutions need time and patience. First we have to exercise some rituals which help your dog to accept being left alone. For this challenge I usually visit the dog owners home.


Bad behavior on the leash?

To achieve a relaxed walk together with your dog if he learned and tends to pull is quite some work but it is worth the effort.


Other problems?

Call me and ask wether I can help you, please: 0177 23 66 293.